Vermeulen/Roos Bok on Bok No8 battle ends in gruesome and controversial fashion
By Rugby Onslaught

Vermeulen/Roos Bok on Bok No8 battle ends in gruesome and controversial fashion

It was in this match last season that the tide turned in the Springboks No8 battle, as the Stormers’ Evan Roos threw Ulster’s Duane Vermeulen away with absolute contempt.

It was a legendary moment, and the 23-year-old earned his first Bok cap soon after. Though he has not become the starting Bok No8, but he has moved ahead of the 36-year-old Vermeulen in the pecking order.

Well it was the rematch at the Kingspan Stadium on Friday night in the United Rugby Championship, but it ended in terrible fashion all round for Roos and his teammates. Not only did the reigning URC champions lose heavily 35-5, but Roos went off injured early in the match. The worst thing is that he was actually injured by Vermeulen in a very controversial fashion.

Roos picked up what looked like a serious knee injury after being cleared out at a ruck by Vermeulen, who used the crocodile roll technique. This is something that is hugely controversial in rugby, and many people are desperate for it to be outlawed given the number of serious injuries that have been caused as a result of it. It already technically illegal as the player clearing out is forced to go off their feet, but there are huge calls for it to be completely removed from the game.

Roos was on crutches after the match, but was seen talking to Vermeulen, so there is clearly no bad blood.

Take a look at the incident:

Stormers coach John Dobson said after the match: “I’m still not 100% sure what the extent of the injury is, but it’s not a small one.

“I just hope it doesn’t impact his ambitions at national level. I would be surprised if he plays for the Stormers again this season.”

This was the carry from Roos last season that drew so much attention: