Video footage: Sam Cane punches Siya Kolisi at coin toss
By Rugby Onslaught

Video footage: Sam Cane punches Siya Kolisi at coin toss

The rugby world was left in utter disbelief as footage emerged of an unprecedented altercation between All Blacks captain Sam Cane and Springboks skipper Siya Kolisi at the coin toss before their clash at Mount Smart Stadium.

The startling footage, released by Super Sport, captured the moment when tensions escalated, and Cane appeared to throw a punch at Kolisi during the seemingly routine pre-match formalities. Cane can clearly be seen punching Kolisi – who we thought was injured – in the arm twice.

While there wasn’t a huge amount of power in the strikes, this bizarre incident comes just a week after Cane faced intense scrutiny for an appalling incident in Mendoza, Argentina, where he kicked the legs out from under a teenager in a moment of heated frustration. The shocking series of events has ignited a storm of controversy, raising questions about the true character and conduct of an All Blacks captain.

Fans worldwide are left questioning, “Is this the behavior expected of a leader in the world of rugby?” The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the sport, tarnishing the legacy of the All Blacks and casting a shadow over Cane’s previously esteemed reputation.

Authorities and rugby governing bodies are now under immense pressure to launch thorough investigations into the incident and take appropriate action against Cane, if found guilty. The rugby community remains deeply divided, with many calling for swift and severe repercussions, while others urge for a more empathetic understanding of the pressures faced by elite athletes. 


As this astonishing saga continues to unfold, the rugby world awaits the outcome of these investigations and the decisions that will shape the future of Sam Cane’s career and the integrity of the All Blacks. The sport’s foundation of respect and sportsmanship has been rocked to its core, leaving everyone wondering if this is indeed the behavior befitting an All Blacks captain.

Rugby Onslaught has already concluded it’s probe into the events and has found Cane guilty as charged.