WATCH: Wales reach new low as Dan Biggar verbally attacks teammates on live TV
By Rugby Onslaught

WATCH: Wales reach new low as Dan Biggar verbally attacks teammates on live TV

Dan Biggar wears his heart on his sleeve, we all know that. But the former Wales captain took passion to a new level on Sunday when they faced Fiji in the opening match of their World Cup campaign, and it was not a good level.

Wales held a slender lead over Fiji in the final minute of the first half when his teammates Nick Tompkins and George North decided to try and run the ball out from their own 22.

North knocked the ball on which brought an end to the half, but the 115 cap Wales international was surely not expecting what would happen next. Biggar stood over Tompkins and North screaming in their face “Get the f****** ball off the park” over and over again. He then proceeded to march to the tunnel gesticulating passionately and ranting to himself in an enraged manner even by his own standards.

Very rarely does anyone see a player get that angry in a rugby match, let alone to his own teammates. Rugby Onslaught are now guessing that Wales head coach Warren Gatland is mulling over whether he sends Biggar back to Wales or not, which would bring his Wales career to an end. That seems very unlikely as Wales actually came away with a win, which was not a formality given their form. To send bigger home after that would be ludicrous.

Alternatively, Tompkins and North may be planning on forming a rebellion and kicking Biggar out of the squad themselves. Both are a possibility as this was only the first match of the World Cup for Wales, so it is a scary thought how abusive and out of control Biggar will be after weeks on end with the Wales squad. We can only assume it will be similar to The Shining.

Here are some of the best reproductions of the abuse: