A compilation of the worst 'bombed' tries ever has just dropped and it's hard to watch
By Rugby Onslaught

A compilation of the worst ‘bombed’ tries ever has just dropped and it’s hard to watch

This is a funny but hard watch. A compilation has been made today showing some of the worst ‘bombed’ tries in rugby over the last decade.

A ‘bombed’ try in rugby is when you drop the ball just as you are about to score. It can be from a lack of concentration or just pure bad luck.

There is nothing worse in rugby than making it over the try line, picturing the score in your head, and then seeing dropping the ball at the last moment.

The infamous Freddie Burns drop in 2018…


It’s something that every rugby player dreads, and it could stay with them for the rest of their career.

A recent and hilarious recent case of this happening was with Freddie Burns in 2018.

The Bath fly-half thought he had scored the match-winning try in a Champions Cup clash only for Maxime Medard to pluck the ball out of his hands at the last moment…

He will of course feature in this video.

Freddie Burns suffered that day…


Owen Farrell was also a victim in this video when a ball slipped out of his hands at the final moment in a Gallagher Premiership match.

What makes the Owen Farrell drop all the sweeter is the insane facials that he throws as he is about drop the ball.


This is what we guess the equivalent of scoring an own goal in football would be if that were to happen.

Here is the full video of all the best rugby howlers in this decade. There are some familar faces in this video and some not so familiar faces.

Our personal favourite is the Japanese one, where he goes for the elaborate celebration at the end.

It’s the way he tries to dive which makes it truly hilarious!

Here is the full video of the bombed tries…