YouTuber Squidge Rugby and Courtney Lawes get into ugly online argument on Christmas Day
By Rugby Onslaught

YouTuber Squidge Rugby and Courtney Lawes get into ugly online argument on Christmas Day

Now, this wasn’t very Christmas like, was it…

Christmas is meant to be a time of goodwill to all, where families spend time together and enjoy the time that they spend together. Others decide to have it out on Twitter. Sadly this case was the latter.

YouTuber Squidge Rugby grew extremely popular in 2019 with some brilliant insightful and funny pieces on rugby as a whole. His unique style of video making has earned him over 100,000 subscribers online. However, it seems of late his need to wade into debate on Twitter has landed him in hot water with some.

A couple of days before Christmas, England rugby star Courtney Lawes tweeted this on his private account. In a highly politically tense environment, this was always going to cause a stir.

What happens after is the biggest cesspit of a Twitter thread that we’ve seen since the post-England New Zealand World Cup semi final threads.

This Twitter thread, unsurprisingly turned toxic fast as people all chimed into this argument with their opinions.

In a parallel thread to this there was discussion around whether Britain is indeed a racist country… Squidge Rugby replied to a thread related to Lawes’ tweet saying this…

This is where things degenerate.

Lawes appears to have seen this tweet and promptly replied saying that this “research” from Squidge rugby is entirely wrong, tweeting…

The popular rugby YouTuber, who has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube was quick to apologise, to his credit and the spat online appeared to have been resolved.

However, yesterday, on Christmas Day someone posted the debate onto popular Rugby Forum Reddit and it appears that many aren’t happy with Squidge Rugby and the way he went about this.

Some of the comments directed towards him were negative to say the least…

Here is what some people on Reddit had to say…

  • Rugby player and rugby youtuber arguing over classism and racism on a character limiting website on Christmas Day. Always going to end well that.
  • I enjoy Squidge’s content and consider myself a leftie but he sounds like a complete tit in that tweet. It was just so unnecessary to even tweet to begin with let alone that he hadn’t fact checked his info first.
  • Suck shit, Squidge. Get your facts straight.
  • “Well hes rich and big, so he’s not qualified to talk about race”

    Okay squidge, but you some how are, and are ready to call the entire country racist and xenophobic? It’s fascinating how he can have such impeccable rugby insight, but the second he starts to talk about anything else all the comes out of his mouth is garbage

  • This sub (R/Rugby Union) has an utter hard on for Squidge and while I do love his rugby content, he is a standard leftie and for some reason has to inject his politics every few minutes but only in the form of snarky comments.

We have looked this morning, and everyone is still arguing in the fallout of this argument.

It’s hard to know what to make of this, Lawes of late has been very outspoken on social media, prompting some to bite back on some of his comments.

Food for thought, maybe spend Christmas Day off the phones!