An emotional Eddie Jones appears on BBC Breakfast after World Cup
By Rugby Onslaught

An emotional Eddie Jones appears on BBC Breakfast after World Cup

An emotional Eddie Jones appeared on BBC Breakfast today.

The England coach appeared on BBC Breakfast today as he was promoting his called “My Life and Rugby“.

From what we hear, the book is actually very interesting. The Times reported that apparently Jones said that Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola was a massive influence on his coaching style.

In the extract from the article it said…

“Pep Guardiola turned out to be the biggest influence on me during my time with Japan. Pep had just taken a year’s break from football, having left Barcelona in 2012 after he won so much with a brilliant team in which Lionel Messi, Andrés Iniesta and Xavi proved that comparatively small men could become the greatest footballers in the world.”

Sadly Jones couldn’t back up this coaching style into a World Cup win…


Eddie Jones appeared to let his emotions get the better of him as his support from his family and his parents during the World Cup was brought up. This really shows a softer side to Jones.

Eddie Jones got emotional during the World Cup when he remembered his long-time friend and coach Jeff Sayle in Japan.

Here is the video of when he remembered his friend back at the World Cup…

There were many supportive comments on Twitter from fans who rarely see this side of Eddie Jones.

Ugo Moyne tweeted…

“A side of Eddie we rarely see. Love seeing people being human.”

Other tweets included…

“More Eddie Jones on BBC Breakfast please.”

“So great to see and man so touched by his feelings for family. Very moving. On a side note Sally I love your the dress you wore this morning, might I ask where it’s from ?!”

“Great, honest conversation with Eddie, especially showing what really matters in life, his family.”

“A lot of Eddie post RWC. Is he running for office? Has he been told to deflect the rugby bad news of Saracens? Has he got a book to sell?”

Here’s the clip of Eddie Jones in the interview. You can see him choke up as his parents are mentioned.

How can you honestly not like Eddie Jones?!