Appalling red card assault followed by all out war online between players
By Rugby Onslaught

Appalling red card assault followed by all out war online between players

In one of the very last matches of 2022, one of the most heinous acts of violence of the year was seen as Perpignan hosted La Rochelle on Saturday.

The moment in question came right at the end of the first half, where Perpignan winger and captain Mathieu Acebes assaulted France centre Jonathan Danty. That is the only way to describe what happened.

With Danty on the floor by a ruck embroiled in a minor scuffle between players, Acebes charged in and produced a diving head butt. It was truly despicable and Acebes was rightfully red carded. Take a look at the incident:

This moment was followed by an apology by Acebes on Instagram soon after the match. He wrote:

“I am a great fan of our sport, I have always defended it and its values… I play with passion, unfortunately this weekend I lost control of my emotions, @jo_danty is a player I respect a lot and I strongly regret my move and I apologised immediately after the game. I will face the consequences of this unfortunate move. Judging me on my values and integrity in my privacy on this single gesture is regrettable. I don’t want to give that bad image. Will continue to work hard for the club. It’s only sport. Life goes on Always forward. We will never die.”


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However, in a shocking turn of events, Danty responded to Acebes message with an Instagram story and it clearly shows there is a lot of bad blood between the pair.

Danty shared the same photo that Acebes posted, only with a lying emoji over his face, alongside this extreme message. He wrote: “Yet it was premeditated, two minutes before you warned me. That “you would take care of me”. Before headbutting me when I was chatting on the ground with one of your teammates, is it written. Your apologies are for the Disciplinary Committee. You don’t regret your action. And I don’t excuse it.”