Bizarre scenes as beastly maul demolishes stadium
By Rugby Onslaught

Bizarre scenes as beastly maul demolishes stadium

There are rumours are that the Kurita Water Gush’s maul is still going, knocking down trees, walls and anything else that gets in its way.

This comes after Chugoku Red Regulions’ contest with Water Gush on Sunday in Japan Rugby League One’s division three. A Water Gush maul on 58 minutes ended up careering into the posts and knock them down on the way to scoring a try, actually snapping the metal at the base of the posts. Now that is a powerful maul.

A team of officials on the pitch were forced to remove both poles and carry the posts off the pitch like a group of rugby post undertakers. It took about 20 minutes for play to resume again, although there were no substitute posts. That meant the conversion for the try had to be taken at the other end of the pitch, as did a conversion at the end of the match.

Given that there was jagged metal at the bottom of the posts, and the crossbar almost collapsed on the players, fortunately no one was injured.

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