Breakaway Springbok fans' plan to deface Webb Ellis grave
By Rugby Onslaught

Breakaway Springbok fans’ plan to deface Webb Ellis grave

In an astonishing turn of events that reads like a script from a Hollywood blockbuster, the legendary Rugby Onslaught, himself a symbol of rugby’s power and unity, stepped in to defend the grave of William Webb Ellis from a group of extremist Springbok fans.

Our investigative team brings you this exclusive account of the dramatic showdown.

As the news of the extremist plot unraveled, our reporters discovered that the group was indeed composed of largely Afrikaans individuals, their misguided passion for the Springboks driving them to the brink of infamy.

Their audacious scheme was to strike on the eve of the Rugby World Cup match with Romania, when the eyes of the world would be on the sport. They intended to deface the grave, sending a message that rugby belonged exclusively to them.

On the fateful night, beneath a moonless sky, the extremist Bok fans crept through the cemetery gates in the south of France after arriving in the back of a Hilux, their hearts aflame with their twisted ambitions and bellies full of Brandy wyn.

Jaco, the ringleader, clutching a can of spray paint, approached the weathered tombstone. But before he could make his mark, a figure emerged from the shadows.

It was none other than Rugby Onslaught himself, a towering and imposing presence, radiating the very essence of the sport. He confronted the extremists, his voice a thunderous roar that echoed through the night, demanding they abandon their sacrilegious act.

For a moment, the extremists, driven by their misguided fervor, hesitated. But as Rugby Onslaught, a symbol of rugby’s unity, stared them down, they were struck by a profound realization. Rugby transcended personal rivalries and bitterness. It is a game built on respect, honour and sportsmanship.

Jaco, the once-defiant ringleader, lowered the spray can, realizing the folly of their actions. The group exchanged uneasy glances, acknowledging the gravity of their misguided intentions. Slowly, they retreated into the darkness, leaving the grave untouched.

As the sun rose on the Rugby World Cup once more, the extremist Bokke fans disbanded, their hearts heavy with remorse. They had chosen the path of respect and sportsmanship over destruction, recognizing that rugby was not a tool for hatred but a force for unity.

In a dramatic twist, Rugby Onslaught himself became the guardian of rugby’s legacy that night, standing as a living testament to the sport’s values.

This remarkable episode serves as a testament to the power of rugby to bring people together, even in the face of extremism, and reinforces the core principles of respect and unity that lie at the heart of the sport.