Ellis Genge delivers speech that puts every salty England critic in their place
By Rugby Onslaught

Ellis Genge delivers speech that puts every salty England critic in their place

Going into the World Cup, anyone that was talking up England’s chances had clearly not being watching any rugby over August. Or the Six Nations for that matter. Or even the autumn internationals in 2022. Actually for most of 2022 as well.

Now after three matches of the World Cup, where England have conceded the fewest points in the entire tournament, still no one is talking up their chances. But but if anyone chose to, they wouldn’t be treated like an absolute lunatic anymore.

Few teams have ever entered a World Cup at a lower point in their history than England did at the beginning of September. Having lost to Fiji at Twickenham for the first time ever in their final match before the tournament, England had plenty of critics. In fact, anyone who wasn’t a critic of England clearly had rose tinted glasses permanently glued to their face.

Now after wins against Argentina, Japan and Chile, England still have not won over many fans out there. That is largely because there is the narrative that England have been given an easy pool at the world cup, which is hard to deny.

But England loosehead Ellis Genge had the ultimate message to send to all those critics of England out there, who based on the results of the last year are probably in their billions by now.

He said: “If I say yeah I believed all this whole time that we were going to get to where we are right now I’m arrogant. If I say that ‘oh I didn’t believe it and we’re so lucky to get it we had the easiest group’ that’s what people are saying that’s that’s what’s been coming out us left, right, and rhubarb. Every single time Steve’s been brilliant with it. He’s just been saying listen boys ignore it, we’re doing our thing, going about our business and everyone’s been on page with that and for us it was like ‘no problem’. You can all have your opinions, we know what we’re doing, we’ve made our mind that we know where we’re going, we know what we have to do and this is what we’re going to do about it. So it’s very much so been let our actions do the talking because to be honest it wasn’t doing the talking in the warm-ups and now it is.”