There was an air of desperation in Eddie Jones' post game interview
By Rugby Onslaught

There was an air of desperation in Eddie Jones’ post game interview

There was more than a little bit of desperation in Eddie Jones’ post-game interview after England’s Six Nations defeat to France in Paris.

“Did we play with spirit, did we play with fight, did we take it to them in the second half? Did we have opportunities to win the game? We had all of those.

“We’re not quite good enough at the moment. We acknowledge that.

“Next time we come here, we’ll be playing for the World Cup trophy” Jones told the interviewer.”

Watch the video and see for yourself. He seemed like a man under immense pressure.

“I’m disappointed. Disappointed for the fans, for the players. I obviously haven’t done a good enough job, I accept that, but we’re moving in the right direction. The results aren’t good enough. When you rebuild a team it takes time.”

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