EXCLUSIVE: Steve Borthwick releases Erasmus-style rant after Tom Curry ban
By Rugby Onslaught

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Borthwick releases Erasmus-style rant after Tom Curry ban

It was only a matter of time.

England head coach Steve Borthwick could only watch for so long as his England side were sent off and banned while nothing happened to the rest of the world before he did something about it.

He saw Curry get red carded against Argentina, then he saw Chile’s Martin Sigren get yellow carded for a similar incident, then he saw South Africa’s Jesse Kriel get away with almost the same tackle, then he saw that Kriel would not be cited, then he saw Curry receive a ban for his tackle and he still managed to maintain his composure. But seeing France’s Romain TaofifĂ©nua launch his shoulder into the head of Uruguay’s Santiago Arata on Thursday and only receive a yellow card was obviously the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In response to seeing the Frenchman’s outrageous tackle, Borthwick got out his camera and produced his own Rassie Erasmus-style rant about how his England team are being unfairly treated, and to be honest it was infinitely more convincing than Erasmus’ video in 2021. He came to his senses soon after sharing it online and removed it, but Rugby Onslaught were able to watch it before he did.

The best way to describe the video was that it looked like this (WARNING: Explicit language):

That gives a taste of how angry Borthwick was, and rightly so. England have now received a red card in four of their last six matches (winning losing the two they did not receive a red card in), so Borthwick will be hoping that his team turn around this worrying trend when they face Japan in Nice on Sunday. A win would leave them in a very strong position in their pool after victory over Argentina last week, but you never know what could happen after that, or more importantly, who will be banned after that.