Fans aren't happy as a medic in rugby match is pushed to affect play
By Rugby Onslaught

Fans aren’t happy as a medic in rugby match is pushed to affect play

Rugby fans are not happy at all after a clip emerged showing a medic in rugby being used in a negative manner to affect play.

In the clip which has gathered 35,000 views online, a player appears to push a medic who was helping a player in the Japanese Top League.

A player was injured and the medic was simply trying to aid the player who was out of the game.

However, it looks like the player on the defending side pretended to be obstructed by one of the opposition players so that he could stop the play.

The attacking team were almost guaranteed a try so it looks bad for this guy and in very bad taste!

People weren’t happy in the comments of this video!

  • The ref should have stopped play as soon as he realised where play was going, scrum down at the last ruck position, side in possession’s ball. Could have been viewed as the medic in the way equally affected scoring and defending opportunities.
  • Ref should have stopped play. The injured player’s health has priority. Scrum where the last ruck was. A yellow to the defender for unsportsmanlike behavior
  • You can’t create the obstruction by PUSHING A MEDIC then cry about it when it doesn’t go your way.
  • No. Injured player on ground medic treating player. Play in area of Injured player.No grey area here, unlike most rugby laws ref should have stopped play. When play restarts scrum to team who were in possession
  • Oh man… How pathetic was his slapstick comedy attempt to make it look like the guy was blocking him. That’s a grown man falling around like an uncoordinated child trying to draw a penalty.
  • As soon as the play went on the direction of the downed player and medic it should have been stopped!