Former rugby star James Haskell has just published a full blown rant online
By Rugby Onslaught

Former rugby star James Haskell has just published a full blown rant online

Former England rugby star James Haskell has launched an astonishing rant on people in the UK who are not eating healthily.

It comes in light of his protest against the government’s hand in the UK closing down gyms during Lockdown.

James Haskell retired in 2018 after he spent a season at Northampton Saints in the Gallagher Premiership. He only played four games during that campaign due to injuries. He is now one of the leading presences in the rugby Media landscape. On Monday morning, he posted a very animated video calling out the government for not allowing the majority of gyms in the United Kingdom to stay open during the lockdown.

Many people are not happy with the fact that gyms are closed during lockdown.

The 35-year old argued that gyms are one of the safest places you can be due to the fact that people have to continuously sanitize themselves and the equipment that they are using during their sessions.

The video has already garnered a lot of support with many people commenting on how ridiculous it is for gyms to stay closed when the UK is suffering from an epidemic of people being overweight.

He also called out the increase in body positivity for overweight people. He said there is no point being positive about your body if you look like a minibus with a face.

He also attacked the idea that foods such as McDonald’s are unhealthy. He recently appeared in a McDonald’s advert which was very successful, however, he also received some criticism for his participation in the video given the narrative that he gives about unhealthy lifestyles. His argument in defence of this was that foods such as McDonald’s, alcohol and chocolate are all unhealthy, however, they are healthy if you eat it in moderation.

Here is the video when James Haskell goes on an astonishing rant about healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.