George Ford warned Wales of this exact move and they still could not handle it
By Rugby Onslaught

George Ford warned Wales of this exact move and they still could not handle it

It is not very often that a team release a 15 minute video of their tactics in the week building up to a match, but that is bizarrely exactly what England did last week before playing Wales at Twickenham.

In last week’s episode of O2 Inside Line | This Rose, replacement flyhalf George Ford discussed at length how England were planning on executing spiral bombs in matches and even gave a tutorial on how to hit the perfect spiral bomb.

It looks like the Wales team do not watch a lot of YouTube in the spare time (which is probably a good thing), as they would have known what was coming in London when Ford joined the action in the second half. Then again, if the spiral bomb is as good as Ford was making out, knowing what it coming and being able to deal with it are two completely different things.

England had a free kick in the second half, where Ford duly stepped up to deliver one of the bombs he had been practicing all week and he executed it to perfection, forcing Wales fullback Liam Williams to fumble the catch. Now if Williams, one of the safest pair of hands in the game, is struggling to get under the ball, you know you have got quite a weapon in your arsenal.

Seeing as England have exhibited absolutely no other strengths over their two matches against Wales (maybe except a half decent maul), this might well be a tactic they use a lot at the World Cup. Moreover, with Farrell likely to sit out some part of the World Cup with a ban following his red card, it looks like the opportunity might be there for Ford to step up and deliver bomb after bomb in France. You have been warned.

Take a look at Ford explaining his tactics last week:


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