Insane pass proves Quade Cooper's secretly playing for Uruguay
By Rugby Onslaught

Insane pass proves Quade Cooper’s secretly playing for Uruguay

While all the rugby world were led to believe that Quade Cooper was not playing for Australia during November due to his return to Japan to team up with his club Kintetsu Liners, he has actually been playing for Uruguay in disguise.

This would be an easy mistake to make after watching Uruguay take on Romania on Sunday in Verona. Winger Gaston Mieres could have fooled anyone into thinking he was actually the Wallabies No10 in disguise with his slick one handed pass to set up a try for fullback Rodrigo Silva. All that was needed was for Mieres to pull off a mask at the end of the game and show that he was in fact Cooper. Or maybe Mieres has been wearing a Cooper mask all these years for the Wallabies?

Take a look:

Despite this try, Uruguay went on to lose the match 29-14. While this is a setback, spirits will still be high in the Uruguay camp after they qualified for the 2023 World Cup last month with a two-legged victory over the United States.

It was therefore a double-whammy of losses for Cooper on Sunday, as both Uruguay lost to Romania and Australia lost to Scotland at BT Murrayfield.

These were the teams for the match between Romania and Uruguay:

1 Constantin Pristavita, 2 Ovidiu Cojocaru, 3 Vasile Balan, 4 Marius Antonescu, 5 Adrian Motoc, 6 Florian Rosu, 7 Damian Stratila, 8 Mihai Macovei (capt.), 9 Gabriel Rupanu, 10 Daniel Plai, 11 Nicolas Onutu, 12 Jason Tomane, 13 Hinckley Vaovasa, 14 Ionut Dumitru, 15 Ionel Melinte

Replacements: 16 Tudor Butnariu, 17 Dorin Tica, 18 Alex Gordas, 19 Marius Iftimiciuc, 20 Alexandru Alexe, 21 Florin Surugiu, 22 Alexandru Bucur, 23 Paul Popoaia

1 Mateo Sanguinetti, 2 Facundo Gattas, 3 Diego Arbelo, 4 Eric Dosantos, 5 Diego Magno, 6 Manuel Ardao, 7 Santiago Civetta, 8 Manuel Diana, 9 Tomás Inciarte, 10 Felipe Etcheverry, 11 Gastón Mieres, 12 Andrés Vilaseca (capt.), 13 Nicolás Freitas, 14 Federico Favaro 15 Rodrigo Silva

Replacements: 16 Guillermo Pujadas, 17 Juan Echeverría, 18 Matías Benítez, 19 Juanjuan Garese, 20 Felipe Aliaga, 21 Baltazar Amaya, 22 Juan Manuel Tafernaberry, 23 Felipe Arcos Pérez