Jim Hamilton hilariously responds to Gloucester after they remove his lager from their stadium
By Rugby Onslaught

Jim Hamilton hilariously responds to Gloucester after they remove his lager from their stadium

Some god-level shithousery from the lads over at Wolfhouse Lager. For anyone who doesn’t know, this week Gloucester stopped stocking Wolfpack Lager at Kingsholm Stadium in reaction to Saracens and their salary cap scandal.

Gloucester have released a lot of criticism online this week after they made this move to remove the lager from their stock.

In a statement earlier this week, Gloucester said, 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are having to dispose of all our remaining stocks of Wolfpack lager at Kingsholm Stadium. As a result, at the Saracens game on Saturday, all remaining stock of Wolfpack will be sold at £3.50 per pint. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Yesterday, Saracens took on Gloucester in the Gallagher Premiership and ex-Scotland and Saracens star Jim Hamilton pulled off a brilliant little bit of real-life trolling on Gloucester.

Saracens overcame their troubled week to record a deserved 21-12 win over Gloucester and the salary cap shaming antics of the crowd at Kingsholm.

The London club were fined over £5million and deducted 35 points for breaching the salary cap but the team seemed unaffected as it was business as usual for the reigning Gallagher Premiership champions.

Saracens were greeted with a chorus of boos as they took to the field, with a group of home fans in The Shed waving fake money.

We loved the Saracens fans embracing the troubled times that they had with some brilliant banter. Fair play to them!

Jim Hamilton is part-owner of the Wolfpack Lager, so it must have been a pretty tough week for him and the guys when it seems that Gloucester are punishing them for something that was out of their hands.

Here is the video of what Hamilton did just after the game, nothing quite says a comeback than an actual win does it!