Johnny Sexton brutally mocks his own teammate in front of thousands
By Rugby Onslaught

Johnny Sexton brutally mocks his own teammate in front of thousands

There were incredible, if not slightly strange, scenes yesterday in Tours as the Ireland squad trained before a crowd of 12,000 people at the Stade de la Vallée du Cher.

After an extravagant entrance out of the tunnel, Andy Farrell’s squad trained a bit, clapped a bit and did a lap of honour before the crowd.

But the funniest moment of the entire day came as Ireland emerged from the tunnel, specifically captain Johnny Sexton. The players walked out before the crowd in pairs, and Sexton was coupled with scrum-half Craig Casey, who just so happens to be 14 years his junior, and, crucially, nine inches shorter than his captain.

As a result, Sexton decided to walk out holding the hand of Casey, as if he were the team’s mascot. Fans online have loved this, and to be fair to Casey he found the funny side of it as well even though the joke was at his expense.

Here are some of the comments online:
“Hahaha that’s unbelievable to bring Craig out holding hands like a mascot. Heroic.”

“Nice that Johnny took the mascot out with him too.”

“Craig at the beginning.”

“Craig just can’t catch a break.”

“Casey the mascot! 🤪”

“Casey as the mascot 😅🤌”

“Absolutely weak at this hahahahaha Casey is a gas man 😂”

Take a look at the moment Sexton and Casey walked out:

This training session came a week before the world number ones get their World Cup campaign started against Romania in Bordeaux. They follow that fixture with a match against Tonga, before facing South Africa and Scotland to decide the winners of Pool B.

Sexton goes into the World Cup uncooked having not played for months due to an injury and a ban, but he has not lost his sense of humour in that time.