Jonny Wilkinson has gone full yoda in stunningly spiritual podcast
By Rugby Onslaught

Jonny Wilkinson has gone full yoda in stunningly spiritual podcast

England World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson has featured in quite simply one of the best video podcasts that we have ever watched.

The Englishman, who helped England to their first and only World Cup victory in 2003, featured on the High-Performance podcast at the end of September, completely opening up on his entire life.

In the podcast Wilkinson talks about how many of his injuries that he suffered during his long and illustrious career were mainly down to him being sad and stressed.

In additions to this, he spoke about how in order for him to feel like he was mentally ready for big rugby matches, he felt like he had to put his body through hell and suffer to ‘earn’ that mindset every weekend.

We were lost for words when we saw how much depth the Englishman went into when talking about the experiences that he now has in life.

We have already watched this incredible podcast twice!

Fans loved Jonny Wilkinson in the podcast!

  • By far one of the most moving podcast episodes I have ever listened to. Ever. I was totally captivated and fully engaged as I listened to Jonny’s journey and profound insight. Although it touched on sport, competition and identity, this was truly about what it is to be human and explore our potential. Thanks to Jonny for passing on the message that true high performance must start with looking inward and exploring.
  • Jonny is so in tune with himself. On another level of thought. We all know Jonny Wilkinson the elite player with a sniper of a left foot, but we just got a special glimpse into Jonny Wilkinson the humbled man. This was one of the best Pods I’ve listened to. Thanks gents!
  • I found this really interesting, I was really surprised at how deep he was. Good to hear he seems to be coping with or over his issues whatever they were and he’s clearly a very intelligent bloke. Good luck to him!