Latest update on new rugby video game is hugely promising
By Rugby Onslaught

Latest update on new rugby video game is hugely promising

As a vast number of rugby fans across the world eagerly anticipate the release of the latest rugby video game later this year, there are hints that it could have a revolutionary new feature.

Rugby 24, made by Big Ant Studios, is set to be released in September in time for the Rugby World Cup, but YouTuber sammyx2 recently released a video highlighting a possible new feature of the game.

Alongside news about licensing, the video suggests the game could have a feature similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team. This is based on what is included on AFL 23 and Cricket 24, both produced by the same studio.

This is what was said in the video: “Now I’ve been keeping a bit of a close eye on the announcements surrounding AFL 23 and Cricket 24 as a few of the features that are being advertised in these games may be implemented into the new Rugby 24 game we get later this year. Now both AFL 23 and Cricket 24 have announced and are advertising a Pro Team mode which is similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team. AFL have also teased the inclusion of Legends into this mode which essentially means they’ve been getting face scans and they’ve been getting old legends from the AFL game into their Ultimate Team mode. Now if this gets brought into the Rugby 24 game, it would be huge. Imagine the likes of Jonah Lomu and Jonny Wilkinson in your team? You know that’d be something pretty amazing and I don’t think that’s been done in any rugby game before So fingers crossed they do that for rugby that’d be a pretty big feature.”

Watch the video:

Leagues such as the Top 14 and the United Rugby Championship already are part of the new game, which will give access to a huge number of players, but landing the Gallagher Premiership and Super Rugby would be a major boost.