New footage has been released of the Bryan Habana try where he ran faster than most 100m sprinters
By Rugby Onslaught

New footage has been released of the Bryan Habana try where he ran faster than most 100m sprinters

If you ever wondered why rugby fans still hold Bryan Habana in such high acclaim even to this day. It is because of tries like this. This Bryan Habana try was something else.

This try came from back in 2008 and it shows Habana playing for the Bulls at Loftus road.

Bryan Habana is now synonymous with speed in rugby.

He has become so well known for it that there have been many stunts in the sport where the South African has tried to outrun other speedy things.

In 2011 he tried to outrun a cheetah.

In 2013 he tried to outrun a plane!

The video clip in 2008 was when Habana was still very young, he was clocking running speeds of 10.50 in the 100m run.

This match against the Blues was one of the first instances of when he truly shocked the rugby world. In this video his pure speed hadn’t been seen like it in the sport.

His speed meant that he could outrun any player on the pitch, even with ball in hand. today released a clip showing one of his most iconic tries in the sport.

Look at the speed that he manages to generate in just a matter of seconds!

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SANZAAR’s administrators have decided to return to the original round-robin format for the five-nation tournament in 2021, but it’s believed that could still change.

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