Rassie Erasmus incensed as ultimate blueprint to beat Springboks is revealed
By Rugby Onslaught

Rassie Erasmus incensed as ultimate blueprint to beat Springboks is revealed

Though they did not come away with the win last week (they actually suffered a fairly heavy 49-18 loss), Tonga tested the Springboks and pushed them all the way in certain passages of the match.

Huge periods of the first half were spent in the Springboks’ half as Tonga kept hold of the ball, although to little avail. They ran out of steam eventually, but they showed how to trouble the world champions.

In fact, they were so strong at points that captain Ben Tameifuna felt confident in explaining after the match how exactly any team can beat the Springboks. Of course, we already know how as Ireland did it just a matter of weeks ago, but this is a pretty succinct explanation.

He said: “The Springboks are obviously known for their physicality. So for us we just had to meet fire with fire, because if we didn’t the score could have been bigger. But I’m still proud of the boys, they dug deep and held them out for long periods of time. There’s definitely going to be a few sore bodies tomorrow, I can tell you that.

“You’ve got to meet them on the line. They tend to run straight and hard and try to beat people up around the ruck area. Like I said, we matched up well but obviously not for long enough periods to hold them out.”

Reports have emerged from Rugby Onslaught‘s world class sources that Rassie Erasmus is not happy about that, and he has already started penning a post on X towards Tonga that is so sarcastic that Elon Musk himself might have to intervene to censor it.

It is understandable why he might be a little angry as, after all, the last team in the world that need a blueprint to beat South Africa is France. If anything, Erasmus and Jacques Nienaber will be desperate to find a blueprint to beat Les Bleus in the next week.

Take a look at what Tameifuna said: