Sonny Bill Williams announces shock retirement U-turn after latest law change
By Rugby Onslaught

Sonny Bill Williams announces shock retirement U-turn after latest law change

Sonny Bill Williams’ eyes have lit up following the RFU’s decision to to lower the height of the tackle across the community game in England.

In a seismic announcement yesterday, the RFU revealed that from next season, tackling above the waist will be illegal in the amateur game in England. The belief is that “Lowering the height of the tackle and encouraging the tackler to bend more at the waist will minimise the risk of this occurring while maintaining the tackle as an integral part of the game.”

On top of that, the RFU said: “Ball carriers will also be encouraged to follow the principle of evasion, which is a mainstay of the game, to avoid late dipping and thereby avoid creating a situation where a bent tackler may be put at increased risk of head-on-head contact with the ball carrier through a late or sudden change in body height of the ball carrier.”

This has been almost universally decried by players, pundits and fans for a number of reasons. The main objection is that there could be more knee to head and hip to head collisions, which could be dangerous.

Dual World Cup winner Williams is one player that has criticised the plan, writing on Twitter: “Rugby is not an “evasion sport”. Rugby is about creating space through manipulating and moving defenses, contact is part of the game. We must be careful thinking one rule will work for all. I know I’m not one to talk, but trust me this wont fix rugby’s concussion problems.”

However, the former All Black has also seen the bright side in this plan. With tacklers unable to hit a carrier’s torso now, there will be plenty of opportunities for offloads, which must be music to the ears for maybe the greatest offloader the game of rugby union has ever seen.

He also wrote on Twitter: “On the bright side – guaranteed to get your arms free in every tackle…Anyone in England looking for a recently retired off-loader?”

Sonny Bill Williams, coming to an amateur club in England next season.