South African amateur match produces undoubted pass of the year
By Rugby Onslaught

South African amateur match produces undoubted pass of the year

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the world can witness a pass that in years gone by would have only been for those watching live.

It happened in South Africa in what looks to be in the South Western Districts Premier League in a match between Groot Brak and Heidelberg.

A Groot Brak player produced a perfectly weighted one-handed, behind the back pass to beat two tacklers and allow the supporting player to run onto it at full pace. The pass was recorded from a fan in attendance, and has since gone viral online, which is understandable.

The supporting player had a 50 metre run to the line, but it is a mystery as to whether he scored or not as the view was obscured by another spectator’s head. Regardless of whether the try was scored or not, the pass was exceptional.

Take a look:

The SWD Club Rugby website says: “Club Rugby is the heart and soul of rugby in the South Western Districts with more than one hundred clubs playing in the Premier, President, Regional, Women’s and Farm based leagues. The Union prides itself in its structures and development efforts as a national leader in club rugby development with around 90% of players being of previously disadvantaged areas.”