South African fans are not happy about new Owen Farrell 'King of the Jungle' video
By Rugby Onslaught

South African fans are not happy about new Owen Farrell ‘King of the Jungle’ video

South African rugby fans are less than pleased after a Lions Tour 2021 hype reel depicts Owen Farrell as a King of the Jungle, whilst South African are seen as hyenas.

The supercut dropped late last night and video was titled, “Owen Farrell | The King of the Jungle| Lions Tour 2021 Hype Reel”.

The video is designed to show how Owen Farrell is in some way superior to the Springboks before the 2021 Lions tour, with players like Faf de Klerk being depicted as annoying animals that are just trying to slow him down.

In the video, Owen Farrell is seen as a Lion who is the King of the Jungle!

Is Owen Farrell and the Lions really going to do South Africa like this?

South African and Owen Farrell have had a murkey past with both of them getting into scuffles in past. When England toured in 2018, Owen Farrell and Tom Curry were seen regularly scuffling with a whole host of Springbok players.

Here is what some fans had to say about him…


  • im an england fan, dont really like owen farrell that much, he is a good player but still. have to say this video was pretty funny to watch
  • No English referee is going to send Farrell off and no other referee will give him a red card in England. Owen Farrell is no king of the jungle trust me fam

  • Dylan Hartley: I can be the biggest thug in English rugby Owen Farrell: Hold my beer
  • Back in the 90s when I was reffing, going into a game you knew beforehand that there were players that you could name that you had to keep your eye on. You had to keep them on a short leash or they would make keeping the peace difficult for you. This thug is one of those players. I have a hard time understanding how he gets away with so much bull crap.