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The horrendous atmosphere in the England changing room after their World Cup final loss

The horrendous atmosphere in the England changing room after their World Cup final loss

England has released a video showing the changing room after their loss in the World Cup final, their isn’t much more we need to say…

The atmosphere in the changing room after the final was awful from what it looks like in the video, you can’t even imagine the desolation that those players were feeling directly after that match.

In England’s final Rising Sons video from their series, the social media team shared the reaction of the England team after their loss to South Africa…

The atmosphere in the changing room was visually painful…



England fans have been overwhelmingly supportive of the team despite the loss.

Here are some of the comments under the video…

-You have to keep this series going it gives us fans more connection to the team. Its brilliant content….first class stuff 👌

-I lived watching this as an Aussie. Wish the wallabies did something like this. Great job.  

-Oft, that was a tough watch. Obviously it would have been great to see the behind the scenes if they had won, but I feel seeing the aftermath of a loss that huge is just as important. You’ve done us proud lads and you should feel proud, even if it understandably may take a while for you to get beyond the disappointment of falling short. And honestly, the people moaning about the medals can do one. Anyone with two eyes and a basic level of intelligence could see you congratulating the Boks and giving them credit when it actually matters. Plus you only have to look at this series to see how well you’ve conducted yourselves all tournament. A raw, emotional reaction to the medal doesn’t change that.

-I genuinely live to watch this team play, every year counting down the months/weeks/days till the next Six Nations/Summer Tour/Autumn Internationals and it means so much to me watch you play and represent our beautifal, diverse country. Love you all, thanks so much for the ride and I cannot wait for the rollercoaster next 4 years and then France 2023. God bless and see you at Twickers in February.

We weren’t sure if they were going to release this video, but they have and it didn’t disappoint.
England’s videos in the series so far have been brilliant and naturally, it has been a very positive vibe as they have been winning. This was not the case, and it was painful to see.
Here is the video of the changing room directly, what an awful atmosphere to be in…