'The Hulk': Wales fans are saying one thing about No9's freakish transformation
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‘The Hulk’: Wales fans are saying one thing about No9’s freakish transformation

While Wales head coach Warren Gatland might be seeing players drop out of his squad for the World Cup left, right and centre due to injury and retirement, he at least can take some solace in the fact that the players he is left with seem to be up for the World Cup. That is of course if you judghe the players’ commitment based on the size of scrum-half Gareth Davies’ biceps.

The 32-year-old has been the talk of social media this week after Wales shared photos of the squad training during their infamous pre-World Cup camp in Switzerland. Seeing as the Scarlets played their last match of the season in April, Davies has put his time off to good use and has clearly spent every waking moment in the gym.

Gatland’s World Cup camps are notoriously tough on the players, designed to have them in peak physical condition by the time the tournament comes around. If this is what Davies is looking like going into the camp, the mind boggles at what he might look like coming out of it.

Here are some of the comments on Instagram:

“Alright 9s? Let’s start the day with ten passes from the base and then bicep curls for the next 90 minutes. Tidy.”

“What have we been feeding the scrum halves? Davies and Hardy look absolutely immense!”

“Gareth has entered beast mode.”

“Gareth Davies new profile picture.”

“There’s a lot of chicken and eggs been eaten here.”

“Will he be able to pass with guns like that wtf go on gar.”

“Gareth Davies sidelining as the hulk then.”

“You got a license for those firearms Gareth?”

“It’s the Hulk ..paint Him Green.”

“Be even slower now. Don’t need big arms for box kicks.”

“What vitamins is Gareth Davies taking?”

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