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The terrifying highlight reel that made people realise how good at tackling Sam Underhill was

The terrifying highlight reel that made people realise how good at tackling Sam Underhill was

Sam Underhill is now known by many rugby fans as the hardest tackler in rugby, ever since the World Cup, fans have known this. But what video made tackling and Sam Underhill so well known.

Back in 2018, the first comprehensive highlight reel dropped on Sam Underhill called “Sam Underhill – Incredible Defence”.

This highlight reel truly put Sam Underhill on the map back in 2017 when players didn’t really know much about him.

He was 21 at the time and this highlight reel took the rugby World by storm.

A highlight reel with no tries, no passes, no incredible sidesteps, just brutish destructive tackling from Sam Underhill.

Sam Underhill is one of if not the best flanker in World Rugby right now. That is a fact. The England back-rower had a highlight reel released on him today and it really does highlight just how effective he has been of late for the men in white.

highlight reel was released on him this week and we were shocked to see the incredible achievements that this man has already achieved for the red roses so far!

In the highlight reel, his massive hits are highlighted first of all, but then we also saw some of the incredible things that Sam Underhill has achieved for England that we may already have forgotten about.

Sam Underhill has already achieved some incredible things for England, things such as…

  • He bullied New Zealand in a World Cup semi-final!
  • Was the second strongest forward at a World Cup behind Pieter Steph Du Toit…
  • Saved England from losing the 2018 Six Nations match against Wales with a try-saving tackle…
  • Had two tries against New Zealand disallowed which he should have scored!