This video shows exactly why rugby is losing an absolute gem by exiling Joe Marler from the sport
By Rugby Onslaught

This video shows exactly why rugby is losing an absolute gem by exiling Joe Marler from the sport

Joe Marler has been effectively exiled from the rugby world. Exiling Joe Marler means we have lost so much from the sport. After a tumultuous week for the England prop, after groping Alun Wyn Jones, he has received a 10-week ban from the sport.

Marler decided to then delete his Twitter this week in what seems to be an admission that he has had enough of the sport that so earnestly threw him away.

The Harlequins front row will almost certainly step away from International duty forever now after this backlash from the wokerati online.

A video that has resurfaced online truly shows why we are losing a gem from the sport of rugby.

Marler is undoubtedly a big character in the sport of rugby, and this video from a press conference in the 2019 Rugby World Cup shows that.

Dan Cole was alongside him here and it really shows what we will be missing…

Joe Marler and Dan Cole spoke to the press ahead of their Rugby World Cup final against South Africa on Saturday.

Fans loved this side of the props…

  • My highlight of the world cup is Joe Marler on the wrong side of the halfway line at the beginning of the Haka and pretending to be oblivious.
  • I have a theory that Eddie Jones brought Joe Marler back in not only for his Rugby qualities but more importantly because he knew he would bring a sense of comfort and confidence in the locker room through his humor, loosen the boys up.
  • This is brilliant! Rugby should have more interviews like this, most of the time the players and coaches are very bland, but Eddie and the boys are hilarious in their interviews
  • Bless them! they made me laugh with their down to earth responses to stupid questions! Come on England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exiling joe marler won’t work
  • They are so unlike any other professional rugby player being interviewed! Bonkers and fun