Wallabies great gives controversial take on Koroibete tackle
By Rugby Onslaught

Wallabies great gives controversial take on Koroibete tackle

Australian centurion Adam Ashley-Cooper has responded to Sam Warburton’s recent criticism of Marika Koroibete’s tackle technique by defending his compatriot in a rather unique way.

Koroibete’s tackle on Makazole Mapimpi in Adelaide on Saturday has been greatly discussed in the wake of the Wallabies’ win, with his tackle technique coming into question.

The former Wales and British & Irish Lions captain Warburton, who had to retire early due to injury, is a clear critic of the winger’s tackle technique in this situation, writing on Twitter: “Whatever anyone thinks, head on the wrong side…again. This happens almost every game. Astonished this still hasn’t been coached out of players. Plenty of time to assess tackle. Protect the head? Then we need to tackle correctly. Great player and commitment, but should be a pen.”

Ashley-Cooper countered this by saying the only way Koroibete was going to be able to stop Mapimpi was by placing his head on the wrong side of the tackle. He did stress that this is the only time when a tackle like that might be acceptable, and said that it comes down to “saving tries for your country.” Others have agreed with the former Wallaby, saying that Koroibete would have slid off the tackle had he tackled with his right shoulder

“Interesting, could argue if Marika uses correctly ‘coached’ technique (head positioned on posterior side of attacker), Mapimpi scores!?” the former Australia winger said. “IMO, this is the only area of the field or situation a defender, if committed enough & fully aware of the risks, should use Koribete technique!

“Agreeing with you for every other position of the field for defenders. Touching on Koribete technique, why- entry point/angle of force v attackers momentum, disrupts ball carry, disrupts ball placement to ground, etc. Where do you draw the line when saving tries for your country.”

This tackle has proven to be quite divisive, and Ashley-Cooper has provided a take probably from his own experience of being in Koroibete’s position.