WATCH: 145kg latest member of Tuilagi family set to make France debut
By Rugby Onslaught

WATCH: 145kg latest member of Tuilagi family set to make France debut

It may be hard to believe, but the biggest Tuilagi yet is just about to start his international rugby career this Friday.

That accolade belongs to 18-year-old Posolo Tuilagi, who, at 6ft 4in and 145kg, dwarfs his father Henry, which really does take some doing. The Perpignan forward is set to make his debut for France under-20 against England under-20 on Friday at the Rec, as the legendary family spreads its wings even further.

Having made his debut for Perpignan at the beginning of the season, he is set to start for France in the second-row, although he is also capable of playing at No8 or on the flank. Basically, get him in the scrum somewhere.

Footage of Posolo playing age-grade rugby provides a glimpse as to what he will bring to the France under-20 set up, where he is likely to be heavier than any member of France’s senior team as well given Uini Atonio’s ban.

We are not quite at the stage, however, where Posolo will come up against his uncle Manu, who has been involved in the England camp this Six Nations despite serving a ban for a red card.

Take a look at Tuilagi playing:

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