'What game did he watch?'- All Blacks fans disgusted by Foster's bizarre statement
By Rugby Onslaught

‘What game did he watch?’- All Blacks fans disgusted by Foster’s bizarre statement

After the All Blacks fell to their biggest loss to South Africa in 94 years yesterday, the pressure on coach Ian Foster has been ramped up to a level that maybe no international coach has ever felt.

That is now five losses in the All Blacks’ last six games, and Foster was actually absent for that one win due to Covid. Bearing that in mind, his pitchside comments after the match with Sky Sport NZ were never going to go down well.

Foster said “In many ways that was probably our best performance of the year,” after the 26-10 loss, and he has been terrorised online for it, which is understandable. While he went on to say later that his side were solid in the set piece, anyone watching could see how much they struggled to gain any momentum or territory, as the world champions swarmed them time and time again.

Take a look at the comments on these posts:

Here are some of the best comments:

“Translation “The bars set pretty low so let’s claim success wherever we can””

“Not sure I saw the same game. That was one of the worst performances I can remember. Man for man we were outplayed. We are in trouble.”

“I wasn’t sure wether that’s what he said but that’s what he said. What a shocker. That was the worst game I have ever seen from an all blacks team.”

“It was arguably one of our worst performances ever.”

“Gotta be the worst AB’s coach in the last 30+ years. He’s coached 82 games less and is already 2 games away from matching Steve Hansen’s total loss record.”

“If that’s his standard of an improvement, he’s definitely not the right man to be coaching these boys.”

“I just about choked when I read that… what game did he watch???”

“It was unbelievable that comment. The guy is living on another planet.”

“This guy is already cocooned in a world of his own. Crazy.”

Watch the post match conference here: