'You despicable p****' - South African journalist unleashes hell on TMO Jonker
By Rugby Onslaught

‘You despicable p****’ – South African journalist unleashes hell on TMO Jonker

South African journalist Mark Keohane lost the plot last night, launching a tirade of abuse of TMO Marius Jonker on Twitter.

Jonker oversaw or rather was involved in a few questionable decisions last night after Gatters heaped a pile of pressure on him during the week.

Some reckon that pressure to be impartial ultimately saw Jonker overcompensate. He’s human, that can happen.

However, some in SA weren’t best pleased, not least Keohane, who has been calling the odds prior to the tour. He didn’t take the loss to the Lions too well, it has to be said.

“Man of the Match Marius Jonker … I have heard recordings of pilots on the black box shit themselves more than every time the referee went to Jonker for a decision”

“Marius Jonker: Regardless of your nationality, you didn’t have balls to make a rugby decision tonight because in your heart you know that Willie was not in front of the kicker and that Hamish Watson should have been carded. You despicable prick. F*** you.”

“Due to the sensitivity of almost everyone on Twitter, those who were offended with my vitriol of Marius Jonker, had no issue abusing me. However, I appreciate Jonker is sensitive and requires those overseas to appreciate his impartiality, so I am muted on my thoughts on him. XriX”

“How KAK and IMPOTENT – were Kitsie, Marx and Malherbe in the 2nd half. Fuck the silence is deafening about their lack of impact. Imagine if that was Ox, Bongi & Trevor, who were colossal. Go to bed you bigoted South Africans.”

“Guys we ask what is racism? And it is one white privileged South Africans don’t get.All week the all black front row took a beating. They were brilliant tonight. The famed all white front row didn’t move
@lionsofficial scrum. No talk of the replacement front row. F*** you!