Eddie Jones' England still have an eye on unprecedented 3 in a row...

Eddie Jones’ England still have an eye on unprecedented 3 in a row…

Eddie Jones’ England are eying up an unprecedented three losses in a row after successfully losing in Paris this evening.

England have previously struggled to lose under Jones; failing to lose any more than single one game.

However after loses to Scotland and now France, the possibility of three in a row is now a real possibility.

It’s clear that this England side have the knack of losing.

In the 80th minute Lionel Beauxis even kept the ball in play to give England a chance of winning the game, this just seconds after off England successfully lost a five metre lineout.

But they hung on.

England weren’t for moving however, steadfastly refusing to loosen their grip on what was a hard fault loss.

Just weeks ago it was completely socially acceptable to hold the opinion that England wouldn’t be able to lose to the All Blacks, but Jones has showed that they could very easily lose such a match, even by a handsome score.