'He is the number one guy to never do that with ever in Premiership history'
By Rugby Onslaught

‘He is the number one guy to never do that with ever in Premiership history’

David Flatman and Topsy Ojo went slightly off piste in the latest episode of Premiership Rugby’s The Lowdown, and discussed which player they would least like to box in the Premiership, in light of the fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte.

The pair both put forward plenty of names, but in the end there was only one winner, with the duo unanimously agreeing that a former 107kg No8 was the winner, with Flatman crowning him the player they’d least like to box in Premiership history.

“Someone from back in the day, Chris Hala’ufia,” Ojo suggested, after playing alongside the Tongan at London Irish for a large part of his career.

“Great shout, that’s a great shout,” Flatman said. “In fact, we’re going to carry on the conversation, but that’s won it. Chris Hala’ufia is the number one guy to never do that with ever in Premiership history.

Ojo added: “Let’s come present day, any of the du Preez boys. I say any, maybe Dan? Jasper Wiese?”

“I was thinking Jasper Wiese,” Flatman said. “Because he’s a big man and produces a lot of power. However, then I think, well it’s me in there with him and I’ve got arms like a crocodile’s arms, they’re just about four and a half inches long. So what I don’t want is someone who’s long and strong. I don’t want Dave Ribbans chinning me from nine feet away. Because he’s got long arms. He’s tall. I can barely reach his chin.”

“The other two I had,” Ojo finished. “One was Ellis Genge, the other, based on history, Manu Tuilagi.”

Of course, Tuilagi’s ignominious past when it comes to punching cropped up in the conversation, and Chris Ashton was commended for withstanding the full force of the England centre eleven years ago.

Take a look at the discussion: