Oasis confirm historic reunion to help England rival Portugal's World Cup song
By Rugby Onslaught

Oasis confirm historic reunion to help England rival Portugal’s World Cup song

Just hours after the All Blacks released a World Cup kit that, to many fans, is the polyester manifestation of their 2019 semi-final performance, tournament minnows Portugal have hit them with a double whammy. Not only have they released a kit that has been slightly more popular, but more importantly they have released their own World Cup song.

In response to this message Os Lobos have sent to the rugby world, Rugby Onslaught sources have confirmed that the RFU have used up their entire budget for 2023 and 2024 to get Oasis reunited to make their own song for fellow tournament minnows England. These are also the sources that broke the news that Frans Malherbe will be competing at the 2024 Paris Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics, so they must be taken with a pinch of salt (although he still has time).

This has all been triggered by the song Somos Lobos by Xutos & Pontapés, released this week. The rock band, who have 14 studio albums and have even had a song covered by Metallica, were playing rugby alongside the players in the video, while the players also joined them in the studio.

While many people have strived to reunite Noel and Liam Gallagher in recent years, the RFU are the first to do so, as the brothers agreed “England need all the help they can get this World Cup.”

Translated by Google, Somos Lobos translates as ‘We Are Wolves’. Here are the translated lyrics:

We are wolves, with pride
Full chest in training
With strength and compassion
We follow the captain of our fraternity
We don’t forget a brother

We are giants in commitment
Our will has no size
We give life in every tackle
In search of glory full of courage

We’re crazy
we are the wolves
from our pack
We bring in the idea the deep desire
to conquer the world
We’re crazy

Already at a party and all together
Let’s toast to our triumphs
My friends
The wolves will always be first
We are crazy
We’re crazy
we are wolves
We’re crazy
we are the wolves

Aaaauuuuuuuu (howl)

The world awaits to see what Oasis have in response.

Take a look at the video: