The video that finally proves who's fitter out of the Royal Marines and pro rugby players
By Rugby Onslaught

The video that finally proves who’s fitter out of the Royal Marines and pro rugby players

It’s a question that has long been asked – are the Royal Marines the fittest there is to offer – or are there those who are even fitter, say, pro rugby players?

A video from the Youtube channel, ‘De la sports’ put this question to the test with a professional Namibian rugby player to see how he’d fare against the notorious fitness drill that the Royal Marines use on their soldiers.

The results certainly are surprising.

The video which has earned 30,000 views on the video-sharing platform shows Namibia rugby player and World Cup participant Lesly Klim as he’s put through his paces in what looks like gruelling conditions.

The drill which was recently introduced by the Royal Marines is seen as one of the ultimate tests of fitness as participants have to undergo a number of challenging sets.

This feat of endurance consists of 20 burpees, 30 sit-ups and 20 push-ups which is then followed by a 60-second plank.

This is repeated for several sets.

Watch the video below:

Does this finally answer who’s fitter between pro rugby players and the Royal Marines?

Bear Grylls has himself tried out the new fitness test – last year, he and his son took on the gruelling task in a video that was shown on the star’s Youtube channel.

Watch Bear take on the test in the video below

When the video was originally posted by De la sports back in the summer of last year, there was a number of users who took to the comments section of the page to call out the Namibian star on his form when undergoing the gruelling fitness test.

Some of the comments went as follows,

‘That was a great effort! Marines don’t let you in unless every rep is immaculate form though haha’

‘Those sit ups weren’t conducted correctly lads. elbows and head must tough the ground.’

‘Those ain’t proper press ups by the guy at the front he cuts each exercise short at the end, he would of be told to start again.’

It seems that it’s not just finishing this test that is good enough to pass but in fact performing each rep perfectly – but what do we know?!

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