Eddie Jones finally proven to be ultimate rugby genius after predicting future
By Rugby Onslaught

Eddie Jones finally proven to be ultimate rugby genius after predicting future

Plenty of videos and interviews with Eddie Jones have resurfaced this week after he was sacked by England.

One interview is particularly interesting as it basically shows how he predicted the future by knowing he would eventually be sacked by England.

He said how the media were after him and that they would eventually get him sacked, and so it proved to be. These sentiments were also shared by James Haskell this week, who launched a tirade against some journalists and fans for getting rid of Jones. Then again, it is not exactly like there was a conspiracy to get rid of Jones for no reason, as England probably played some of the worst rugby of his entire tenure in 2022, and particularly in the autumn.

This was Jones’ interview from a few years ago:

After being dismissed by England, Jones said: “I am pleased with much that we have achieved as an England team and I look forward to watching the team’s performance in the future. Many of the players and I will no doubt keep in touch and I wish them all well in their future careers.”

Speaking about the review, RFU CEO Bill Sweeney said: “It is important to recognise the huge contribution Eddie has made to English rugby, winning three Six Nations Championships, one Grand Slam and taking us to a Rugby World Cup final.  He has the highest win ratio of any previous England head coach and has helped develop the leadership skills of many players and coaches.   I am grateful to Eddie for all he has done for England across many areas of the game and the professional way in which he has approached reviewing the performance of the team.  He has provided the panel with astute insight and meaningful lessons that will support the team performance going forward.”