Mounting calls for Premiership side to undergo full rebrand amid fierce racism row
By Rugby Onslaught

Mounting calls for Premiership side to undergo full rebrand amid fierce racism row

In recent days, calls have been mounting for English Premiership side Exeter Chiefs to undergo a complete rebranding following mounting criticism of its image online.

The Devonshire club shows a Native American Chief on it’s crest

The Chiefs introduced the branding in 1999 of a Native American in head-dress as the club logo.

They also have a mascot called Big Chief, a Native American Indian character wearing Exeter Chiefs kit and holding an inflatable tomahawk.

Swathes of users on Twitter have taken to the platform to call out the Devon club on its current branding as cultural appropriation.

The side, currently sitting on top of the Gallagher Premiership, have embraced the brand image of a Native American on their club crest.

This comes as the most recent high-profile debate in rugby to rage around issues of race and cultural appropriation after last weeks fierce debate over England fans use of the song Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Exeter have embraced the Native American chief in all aspects of their branding

In recent days, calls for the Devonshire club to axe the Native American Chief from their branding grew, with some calling the club’s use of the image as ‘racist’ with ‘no thought of the social and psychological consequences’.

Here’s what users have posted on Twitter recently…


This isn’t the first time users on the social media platform have called out the club on this issue

The topic of Exeter’s club image has made headlines on several occasions in recent years – as other clubs with similar native American brandings dropped the image from their promotions.

In 2016, US Baseball side – The Cleveland Indians – dropped an image of a Native American’s face from their club logo, leaving many in the UK to question whether the Exeter Chiefs should follow suit.

Only last year, the Crusaders in New Zealand underwent a complete image rebrand after the Christchurch Mosque terror attacks. The Super Rugby side dropped from its club logo the image of a Knight brandishing a sword.

Many see this as the only way forward for the Exeter club and that now is the time to do it, at a point where progressive strides are being made in regards to race issues and cultural appropriation.

The impact that an image change would have on the Exeter would be monumental, with the Chiefs branding deeply embedded in the club’s identity.

The now-famous Tomohawk chant has become synonymous with the sides domestic success in recent years. Will that have to go too?

What are your thoughts on this debate?

Is Exeter’s use of the Native American Chief in poor taste?

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