Pitch invader gets absolutely levelled by two players
By Rugby Onslaught

Pitch invader gets absolutely levelled by two players

OK, this is not rugby, but it does involve a truly brutal rugby tackle as a streaker at an NFL match recently got more than he bargained for.

While the 49ers played the Los Angeles Rams this week in the NFL, an animal rights protestor made it onto the pitch with a flare in hand and started charging across the field. The security staff were desperately trying to stop him until two Rams players took the law into their own hands. The pair stepped up off the bench to deck the pitch invader, with one producing a tackle that would probably have resulted in a red card on a rugby field – no attempt to wrap any arms and a shoulder straight to the head – and maybe even a ten week ban to follow.

Stuff like this has been seen in rugby matches on a few occasions, but the outcome has never been as brutal as this before. Take a look at the tackles:



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