Strangely erotic Shaun Edwards dance is the highlight of France's epic post win sing-a-long
By Rugby Onslaught

Strangely erotic Shaun Edwards dance is the highlight of France’s epic post win sing-a-long

France Rugby is taking off – and one man who can take a lot of credit for that is Shaun Edwards.

The Six Nations favourites lived up to their newfound reputation with a dogged 13-15 win today against Andy Farrell’s Ireland in Dublin.

It was a huge result, and if this video is anything to go by – it was a huge party afterwards!

A new video has been posted on the France Rugby youtube channel, showing the post-match antics at the Aviva Stadium featuring all of the rising stars in the French game. We see the likes of Antoine Dupont, Charles Ollivon and, of course, Shaun Edwards.

We could rave about this video some more, but we don’t think any superlatives can truly do it justice. So here it is – drink it up, soak it in and enjoy 3 minutes and 54 seconds of pure rugby gold.

We see as the clip gets straight down to business with Shaun Edwards getting grooving with the rest of the French team to the iconic tune from Gala – Freed from desire.

The whole team are all in, shirts off, beers in the air – loving each other. It’s everything that we wanted to see.

The video is incredible, but don’t let the party antics and beer chugging fool you. The clip also features an interview with French centre Gaël Fickou who looks like he’s about to run through a brick wall. This French side, are here to go all the way.

all the boys, all the lads – loving each other 

shaun edwards

We see as Fickou, one of the senior players in the squad, leads a changing room speech to the side after their two-point triumph over the Irish.

The video also features an interview with Grégory Alldritt. Don’t ask us what he’s saying, Pierre from our French branch is on leave.

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