The Ben Foden appearance on X Factor is incredibly cringeworthy but somehow brilliant
By Rugby Onslaught

The Ben Foden appearance on X Factor is incredibly cringeworthy but somehow brilliant

Many of you will remember Ben Foden for performances for England back in 2011. The speedy winger was one of the first names on the teamsheet under Martin Johnson.

The 34-year-old now plays his rugby in the USA playing for New York Rugby United in the MLR

Recently, Foden has made an appearance on celebrity X Factor alongside Bath player Levi Davis and former Scotland player Thom Evans.

The trio performed on the X Factor’s latest attempt the keep the show fresh, “Celebrity X Factor“. We didn’t get a chance to watch the whole episode ourselves but we did manage to watch the three players in action, and it was something else for sure.

Many rugby fans clearly loved the performance of the trio who performed their own rendition of “No Diggity”.

The performance itself from Foden, musically seemed to be very good.

We know that Foden performed on “A League of their Own” a couple of years ago and he performed amicably in that. However, this performance had a lot more ‘sex’ to it, with X Factor host Nicole Scherzinger appearing to flirt with the Englishman.

Personally, we started off watching this performance in pure cringe mode, but as the song went on, it became apparently clear that Ben Foden and the trio do actually have some brilliant voices on them.

Here is a video of the performance, what do you make of it?

Ben Foden is currently playing his rugby in the US, as he says that the 6 month season in the MLR helps him to pursue other things in his life, like singing on reality talent shows.

We’re not sure if the hosts’ reactions to the performance was genuine, because they seemed to love it. It was good vocally, even we can admit that, but we’re not sure if he should quit the rugby job just yet.