The destructive first few moments of Sonny Will Williams' return to the NRL
By Rugby Onslaught

The destructive first few moments of Sonny Will Williams’ return to the NRL

Sonny Bill Williams’ first match back in the NRL was just as destructive as everything thought it would be as he made his return to the NFL.

Almost 100 million fans tuned in Worldwide to see the former All Blacks star make his return to the National Rugby League.

Despite all the hype around the return of the kiwi man, it was only 12 minutes that he got on the pitch. Some commented that his press conference was longer than his game time this weekend.

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His first involvement in the game was explosive to say the least as he was hurtling into 3 of the opposition’s players in a big collision.

Talk about a big start.

Many rugby league fans have been concerned about whether his fitness would be a problem coming into this encounter.

It looks like he might not be quite there physically yet, but he does still seem to have the qualities that are needed to make it at the top of this hugely physical sport.

Fans were not too pleased about the fact that he only spent 12 minutes on the field after all the hype that was made going into this return for him.