The rugby player Eddie Jones branded as 'grossly overweight' posts stunning body transformation online
By Rugby Onslaught

The rugby player Eddie Jones branded as ‘grossly overweight’ posts stunning body transformation online

Former England and Northampton rugby player Luther Burrell has posted an incredible body transformation online, four years after England coach Eddie Jones branded him ‘Grossly overweight’.

In a photo and video post on his social media the rugby player spoke about how his new dieting and nutrition regime meant that he had undergone a complete body transformation on his body.

Back in 2016, Burrell was one of England Rugby’s main centre options, however, it didn’t work out and he is now playing Rugby League for Warrington Wolves.

Eddie Jones didn’t let the 32-year-old play in the 2016 Six Nations because he was overweight, could this have been the driving force for his incredible body transformation all these years later?

In a post on his social media yesterday, he spoke about how much he has had to work to achieve this…


When Luther Burrell went into the 2016 Six Nations camp, Burrell was labelled as ‘grossly overweight’ by England coach Eddie Jones.

He revealed his incredible body transformation online yesterday saying in the caption…

‘Putting a picture up like this for me was very challenging and potentially very embarrassing. It can sometimes put you in a vulnerable position…. So I seriously can’t thank everyone enough for contacting me, showing interest in my continued journey and also being kind 💙I’m still smashing through messages, so please bare with me if I haven’t yet got back to you. •

“I saw Eddie’s quote that I came into the Six Nations camp grossly overweight … he doesn’t know I saw that,” Burrell said. “I had a laugh about it with the lads and got some stick about it, as you can imagine.

“I went back, managed to lose eight kilograms of what Eddie probably thinks was fat, but it’s lean muscle. He wanted me to be quicker, fitter and sharper and I feel it. Eddie wanted me to be more agile and not one-dimensional.”

Moral of the story, this is what happens when you call a rugby player overweight.