The Stuart Hogg Twickenham tunnel moment that fans can't get enough of
By Rugby Onslaught

The Stuart Hogg Twickenham tunnel moment that fans can’t get enough of

Scotland have sensationally beaten England with a stunning 6-11 win over the auld enemy at Twickenham.

It’s the first time they’ve recorded a win at the home of English rugby in 38 years and fans have been lapping it up on social media.

One interaction from moments after the famous win is going viral online.

The Scots had the upper hand in much of the clash at Twickenham in what was an attritional affair.

All eyes had been on 21-year-old Cameron Redpath as he made his international debut, weeks after having switching allegiances to England.

watch Cam Redpath lift the Calcutta Cup at Twickenham

There was one moment in the aftermath that caught the eyes of fans on social media, we see as the Scotland players celebrate together in the ground before moving on into the changing rooms.

Stuart Hogg embraces an as of yet unknown man with Scottish centre Cam Redpath before being told of a different result in the sporting world that day.

watch the moment in the video below

Fans were buoyant on social media after the shocking result with the Scottish side trending on Twitter. Here’s some of the reaction from the shock result.

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