World Cup city guide - Kumamoto nightlife
By Rugby Onslaught

World Cup city guide – Kumamoto nightlife

Kumamoto is a coastal city in the middle of Kyushu with a chilled out vibe. Two of the most popular areas in Kumamoto are the shopping arcades of Shimotori and Kamitori.

Shimotori is the largest arcade in the Prefecture comprising of shops, bars, restaurants as a massive outdoor mall spread over multiple city blocks.

Shimotori is the gateway to Kumamoto’s nightlife districts with many popular hotspots not far away. The adjacent streets feature countless bars, izakaya, and nightclubs.

While Shimotori dominates in the south of the city, Kamitori is the ‘sister’ arcade located in the northern area of Kumamoto. It is smaller than it’s compatriot and comprises fewer bars and nightclubs but is still entertaining in its own right.