Freddie Burns is surprising people as he speaks Japanese in video with new club
By Rugby Onslaught

Freddie Burns is surprising people as he speaks Japanese in video with new club

Former Bath star Freddie Burns has surprised fans around the rugby world with his attempt at speaking Japanese at his new club Shokki Shuttles.

The fly-half, who started life playing for teams like Leicester Tigers and Gloucester, has now moved to Shokki Shuttles to end his days making a bit of well-earned coin in Japan.

The England 10 recently has decided to leave the Somerset club after a period where he struggled to get game time ahead of Welsh star Rhys Priestland.

We were pleasantly surprised at this effort to speak Japanese from the 30-year-old who will undoubtedly be one of the star players in that

For someone who does not speak a word of Japanese, this is truly remarkable for a first effort we have to say!

Burns did not leave Bath on good terms.

It seems the Somerset man is still very unhappy about the way he was treated at the club.

Burns decided to retweet a video from Joe Hart this morning, a goalkeeper who has been done dirty by football clubs like Man City in the past.

In the video, Hart speaks about how he has been left on the bench for the past 18 months in the Premier League, but that he is not going to let that define him or crush him.

Above the message Freddie said, “Never been my favourite footballer but can relate to this. Well said Joe Hart”.

This is a very telling message which shows how Hart and Burns have both been let down by their clubs in the past.

He took to Instagram to announce he had been snapped up by the Shokki Shuttles and all was suddenly right in his world again. Gone was the uncertainty of where his next job might be. Gone, too, the frustration at largely being forgotten about this season by new Bath boss Stuart Hooper.