Pablo Matera deletes his social media after controversial old tweets are revealed
By Rugby Onslaught

Pablo Matera deletes his social media after controversial old tweets are revealed

Argentina captain Pablo Matera appears to have been forced to delete his social media accounts after old tweets appear to have surfaced.

Sadly the Rugby Onslaught Spanish office is currently out on other business right now so we shall be forced to try and translate this ourselves.

These translations may not be accurate as they are translated via Google Translate.

The posts emerged late last night when a Twitter user called Clemente Cancela put out a tweet saying, “Tweets are popping up that reveal that Pablito Matera would not be such good people.”

The above tweet with google translate comes to “Hatred of Bolivians, Paraguayans, etc. is born from that maid who once lost a hair in your food”. We don’t know what on earth this is, all we know is that is mustn’t be that nice about Bolivians or Paraguayans.

Similarly, this tweet below was unearthed which translates to something even more sinister.

Another prominent Argentinian Twitter account with two million followers posted a series of screenshots which allegedly show racist tweets from his account.

Rugby Onslaught stresses that we can’t verify these as authentic in any way.

The headline to this tweet reads as “The racist tweets that Pablo Matera, captain of Los Pumas, deleted”   followed by alleged racist tweets about Bolivians and black people.

Matera and Argentina are set to face Australia in the final round of the Tri Nations this weekend.

Will these allegations affect his inclusion in the game. We will be reporting about any of the fallout from this.